20 Jan 2013  Added my analysis of insane immigration policy

12  Jan 2013  added devastating analysis by Anthony Coughlan of why we have to leave

14 July 12 – added text of 1975 EU Referendum leaflet

The EU and Euro are at the same time enormously large and complex, yet very simple subjects. In the space and time available I will only be able to provide an overview based on 19 years fighting against this anti-democratic and fatally flawed project, which is at last nearing the point of self-destruction due to its inbuilt design errors.

However anyone who wishes to understand how we have been systematically betrayed for more than 50 years could do no better than refer to a magnificent new web site

I understood from basic economic principles when we entered the ERM that a quasi or real single currency for many countries with widely different economies and resources was bound to fail, and my letter to Electronic Times, published by chance on Golden Wednesday, the day interest rates rose from 10% to 12% to 15% and we then left the ERM, is available below. The following week Electronic Times also published my follow-up letter saying “How, today of all days, could I resist telling you, ‘I hold you so’?”

Please find an up to date assessment by Professor Tim Congdon of the costs of belonging to the EU’s crazy and doomed qasi-State at

Please find also at I  Sir Samuel Brittan’s 2000 Oxford Union speech in which he exposes the deliberate lies of Britain in Europe about “3 million jobs” and points out that the report they claimed to be the basis of that figure actually said that few if any jobs would be lost if (now when) we leave.





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